What to expect from a photo shoot:

When we meet at the agreed location I’ll be setting up. This usually takes 10-15 mins or so. I’ll be doing test shot’s during this time and will ask you to stand freely where I’ll be photographing you.
Through the shoot I’ll be directing you. Listen to me if I ask you to smooch over a bit, take hands out of pockets etc. I’m saying it to make your photo’s better.
The purpose of a promo shoot is to get a few really good shot’s that you can use for posters, magazine interviews, websites etc. This requires all members of the band to be doing that one thing that makes it a great photo all at the exact same time. It’s not a snappy family shoot where you get every single shot I take. A lot of the photo’s will be rejected due to people blinking, not standing right, or maybe I'll have to ask you to shuffle over a little etc.
You get the gist of it right? Hope so.
Photograph’s depend on the subject being interactive and involved in the shoot. I may have a big fancy camera and lots of lights but if you’re just going to stand there looking like you’re hating it then that is exactly how the photos will look. There’s no fancy button in photoshop to make you smile, there’s no fancy setting on my camera to make you look completely different from how you acted during the shoot.
If I get the email saying “hey I look miserable in that picture” I’ll just reply saying “well you were the one looking that way when I probably asked you to get into it repeatedly”.
So if there’s 5 of you in a band and just 1 isn’t playing along….you’re gonna be annoyed. I’ve had shoot’s where 4 of the 5 people are really into it and that one person who isn't just ruins the shot’s.
You’re in a band right? You want people to look and admire you. Think you’re cool? Then this is a chance to show them. Promo shot’s are generally the first time anyone will have seen what you look like. If you ever get signed in the future and have a record company involved, you’ll probably be asked to do a lot more crazy stuff than a simple photo shoot for your publicity campaigns.
Remember it’s all about fun! Relax and enjoy it. Joke around, be yourself, take the p*ss outta me. Whatever it takes to get those shot’s looking the best we can.