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February 05, 2014  •  2 Comments

This month I won another Gold Award via the SWPP monthly image competition and as promised I will blog about how I shot and created that image. The good thing about these competitions is that they help push you. It's all very well having your friends and family telling you how amazing your photo's are but chances are, they're probably a bit biased haha! Having people outside your close network of worshippers is a great way to learn that sometimes what you're doing could be better. Don't let it get you down if they don't tell you it's not the most amazing thing they've ever seen. Use it to push yourself to better succeed next time. Try harder, think more. That's what I do anyway!

Right...onto how I made this image of myself. Here it is in all its glory **queue choir music and symphonies singing "aaaahhhhh"**

So....I started off with sticking my camera inside my fridge with a 4 pack of Toffee Crisps to hold it in position under the lens. Yep big technical photography tools are those Toffee Crisps. You can just about see them in the bottom right corner actually haha.

Focusing was a pain. I tried sticking it on infinite but it wasn't sharp enough. So I then set one of the focus points to get the mango chutney on the right of the pic. The background was then out of focus but I could live with that and I wanted it do feel small anyway. I also used a fisheye lens.

Next was to shoot myself. I used the same lens, same focal length etc but had a speedlite bouncing off a white door in my hallway to light me up. Nothing too fancy:

Now to stitch it all together! This wasn't too hard but did require some thinking. There was distortion through the glass shelving, reflections of me in the same glass to think about. How was I going to do that? Masks of course. Just cutting myself out and putting it on the fridge picture would look terrible! Also just masking out my legs wasn't going to be enough because of the glass. I needs to half that believability involved.

Reverse masks worked for me. Reverse masks? Yeah! I made that up so ner! What that means is instead of removing something (in this case my legs) to make it look like its going behind. You instead add a copy of the underlying layer on top of what you want to go behind.

This way I could fade out the shelves over the top of my legs and make them appear transparent. I then had to duplicate this layer at 100% opacity just for the plastic rim on the edge of the glass.

Shelf layer over the top and faded out where only my body would appear through it:

Then a solid copy of that layer to then bring back the plastic edge of the shelf:

Clever or what?! I bet you didn't even realise this was a composite photo did you?

Hope you had fun reading how I created this Gold Award winning photograph. I had loads of fun creating it. It was weird working on a picture of myself but I couldn't stop laughing at some points. Stupid face haha. You guy's should try one yourselves! It's so much fun!!!! Send me them if you do! Please!!! I urge you!

Now go get out there, practice, get better and rule the world.

Comment below and let me know what you think!!!

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